About Us

Our Mission

Childhood is the best time of one’s life; a carefree, stressless, and enjoyable era. When a kid only wants to feel secure, loved, and cared. But not every child is blessed to have all. Many children land in foster care or adoption centers due to family breakdown or parent’s death. Countless kids have already suffered emotional and physical abuse.

Listen2Me is working for the well-being of children. We ensure that kids are doing fine in foster care agencies, adoption centers, or even after getting adopted. For this, a kid needs to speak and need someone who listens to him patiently. Negative experiences can hinder a child’s mental development, so we are actively working to make a kid’s childhood a memorable and enjoyable period.

Our app Listen2Me aims to provide a sense of security to children on which they can trust and develops a feeling that they have someone with whom they can talk and share whatever they want. Listen2Me app provides a platform to connect foster care agencies, child and parents. With the aim that a kid is getting deserving love, care and affection. And to take appropriate action in case if anything is bothering them.

Join us to make Kids Motivated, Competent, and Confident in every walk of life. Listen to them through Listen2Me.